In this section, we will regularly inform you about important news regarding the progress of our documentary film about Jan Saudek.

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You can watch our documentary on Saturday June 13 at 8:45 PM on TV Barrandov.
Though a little late, we would like to inform you that all three screenings of the documentary in Swedish Göteborg were a success! At the same time we would like to announce you that our documentary was selected for screening within Photomonth in Krakow in Poland, which is scheduled for May, and also Clair Obscur Film Festival in Swiss Basel, which will take place in December 2009
We received an invitation to Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden, which will take place between January 23 and February 2. Director of the documentary Adolf Zika will personally attend two screenings of the film. From Czech films, the festival will also show Of Parents and Children by Vladimir Michalek and The Karamazovs by Petr Zelenka. It is an honor to be included in the company of such films. Our documentary will be shown in the category Images on Images, which includes films about art, media, photography and film.
We just received wonderful news. Our film was very well received at the Denver festival, both screenings were full and the film captivated fans of Jan Saudek as well as those, who saw his work for the first time. You can read a reaction of one viewer yourself at
We are impatiently waiting for our award to arrive, so that we can proudly show it to you! But it has not found its way to us yet, it’s lost somewhere over the sea. The last information we have is that the festival handed the award to someone from our embassy in Canada.
Our film came out today as a premium DVD with the newspaper Mladá Fronta DNES in a special edition of 80,000 copies.
We are so excited, our film has been chosen for another festival! It’s the Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden! It is the largest festival in Scandinavia.
Our film jumped up on the visit rate chart, the current number is 28,000! Retail sales of the film on DVD are also doing very well.
Today we received a very kind email from Simona Hodos, manager of the EUROFEST festival in Montreal. Where we received the Glass Eye award for best documentary film. After the recent festival in Denver, this is the seventh festival where we've been shown. In total we've been in three selections and three competitions.
24.8. 2008
Double the good news! Our film was selected to two more film festivals. We are in the documentary competition section of The Moving Image Film Festival in Toronto Canada. And the film will be shown as part of the selection for the European Film Festival, which takes place in London.
The Jan Saudek Film was screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in the USA. An enthusiastic audience saw the film in the Columbus Cinematheque on Saturday August 9th at 3:15 p.m.
8.8. 2008
The Saudek Documentary Film has been selected to screen at the 31st Starz Denver Film Festival. The event takes place from the 13th to the 23rd of November in Colorado.
We lent the screening copy of the Jan Saudek film to the Seoul International Film Festival for a special showing in the noncompetitive section.
The Jan Saudek film has been selected by the Krakow Film Festival for the noncompetitive section. The Polish, who greatly appreciate Jan Saudek, enjoyed the film immensely. Additionally, a 35mm film was used for the screening at this festival.
From the 26th of May you can purchase a DVD copy of the film at Bontonland, Datart, Tesco, Electroworld and other stores. The DVD also includes a booklet and a piece of the actual film screened at the premier! The DVD will be available for rental from the 12th of May. Bonus materials include scenes cut from the original film and interviews with the creators, including the director Adolf Zika and Jan Saudek. Also on the DVD you'll find some of the work of Karl Saudek. All Czech dialogue includes the option for English subtitles. The DVD has a unique packaging design and a creative navigation menu.
21. 3. 2008
Our film gained big success in Slovakia. The visit rate at the premiere was great and reactions of the Slovak public were very positive.
17. 3. 2008
Our documentary travels into another country. On the 18th of March, the film is going to be distributed in Slovakia by the Palace Picture Slovakia company. The capital city of Bratislava may look forward to the film's premiere on the 18th March at 19:30 in the Aupark cinema.
27. 2.2008
We proudly announce that our film has been chosen to participate in the documentary film main competition of film festival Finale 2008, that will take place in Plzen on 21.4. – 27.4.
From 13.3. until 19.3., you may see the film subtitled in English in the MAT cinema at Karlovo náměstí 19
We proudly announce that on this date we now occupy second place on the current chart of Czech documentary films’ visit rates and sixth place on the chart of all documentary films that have ever been released in Czech cinemas. We are looking forward to future development. You may find the chart of documentary films at the top of this page.
The making of DVD master and TV master is in progress at the moment.
The gala premiere of the film took place at Slovansky dum in the Palace Cinemas theaters in Prague and will be further distributed in 13 copies through Czech Republic.
We are working on the last graphic remarks and choices of posters and other promotion materials and objects of publicity.
The first combined copy is finished. The auditorial projection took place in film laboratories. The quality of the picture and sound quality has fulfilled our expectations and we now see the completed picture, together with the sound for the first time and on a big screen. Everything has worked out very well and we’re happy.
The Film Laboratories Barrandov are developing the sound negative, which will be put together with the picture negative so that we’d have a combined copy.
Final work is in progress at the studio Virtual on the film’s sound. Even though we are really exhausted, we remain optimistic.
Final work on the picture's post production is in progress. We are adding the subtitles, tricks and color corrections. The next step will be creating the negative, and following development of the negative in the Film Studios Barrandov.
On Monday, November the 5th, a firs press projection for monthly magazines was held. It took place in the Mat cinema on Karlovo namesti in Prague. The reactions were positive, but we better don’t celebrate yet and don’t get our feet off the gas pedal!
The online edit is done and the film trailer is in cinemas! You can see the trailer on the big cinema screens from October the 18th.
The firs combined copy of the trailer is born. You’ve got the opportunity to watch it on our pages in the „press“ section.
We’re cutting our way through „online“, facing some film makers‘ problems and fighting them down bravely.
Totally exhausted and powerless, we’ve successfully finished the “offline” cut, which has 95 minutes.
Our cutters trio begins working on the film trailer, which you’ll be soon able to watch here on our pages.
In the recent weeks we have been dealing with various companies regarding a selection of film archive pictures from the times of war and we have decided to work with the association “K2” and its owner – Mr. Štingl. Today the ”offline“ has 145 minutes.
There is recording with Mr. Jan Saudek going on in the Sound Post Production Studio – Virtual today. Mr. Saudek talks about his inside feelings and ideas.
At the present we have got various artists working on the classically animated and 3D animations.
We still have a lot of work before us and though the power might not be always with us the thrill still is! And how far are we with the cutting? After the fourth offline week has our film some incredible 195 minutes!
There are some important meetings with our potential distributors awaiting us in the following week.
The distinguished music composer Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, who was supposed to participate on the music for our film, was substituted by an artist of a slightly different nature. By a person whose life style is more than amazing. Mr. Claus Grabke is just what we need for our film. The songs we have chosen are just like they were composed right for the film! Claus Grabke is not only a magnificent composer, he also is one of the greatest skateboarders of all times. In the “THE MAKERS” section, in Claus Grabke’s CV, are two Clause’s video clips. Be sure to check these!
We’re in the „offline mode“, already from 23.7. Our cutting team “Bob Sean Clark” – cameraman Robert Bílý, the director Adolf Zika and post production supervisor Karel Coma, had already spent a week in the cutting room and still have more and there is still more and more work to be done.
The last day of filming was very hectic. In the morning we visited the Olsanska Graveyard. The second half of the team was taking images of correspondences and books in the studio. In the afternoon we were working at two locations. The first, directly under the steps of Jan Zizka of Trocnov, which Jan looks at everything day from his apartment window and the second in the house of his brother Kaja Saudek. Here we conducted interviews with his daughter Berenika and wife Johana. In the evening three months of stress fell from our shoulders and at the Barrandov cliffs we celebrated the 35th birthday of our director, but most importantly we welcomed Jan Saudek who arrived in a large Cadillac to celebrate the end of the filming! We all wished each other good luck and had a few drinks.

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