Olympus - The main focus of OCS is the distribution of the products of its parent company. Its major commercial articles are long-lasting consumer goods. Their distributed assortment includes classic photo cameras, digital cameras, analog and digital audio recording devices and players, telescopes and other digital equipment, for example colored thermal sublimation printers or archival software for digital cameras. From the beginning of 2005, Olympus began selling HDD music players, as well. In the area of consumer goods, digital cameras specifically, OCS has been able to remain the leader of the Czech and Slovak market due to its high-quality promotional activities.

Is a branch of the international group of companies AWK and one of the first and largest investors in the area of outdoor advertising in the Czech Republic. It offers its clients many formats of outdoor advertisements including billboards and city-light cases in Prague and around the Czech Republic. On the basis of the client’s requirements, the order is processed as to guarantee precise communication with the target audience of the advertised product. The marketing campaign will be displayed on time and complete photo documentation is provided. The condition of the advertisements is monitored concurrently and any damaged posters are repaired. On the request of the client printing of posters and the production of foils can also be provided. All of the possible bill(big)board locations can be provided as a database on a CD-ROM. It is the only commercial agency which utilizes posters with auto-advertisements, on which the work of renowned Czech artists are displayed.

Post Production Praha is among the forefront of studios offering post-production services in the Czech Republic. You will find them in the center of Prague. They offer their clients the same quality and standards in the field of digital film technology and video post-production services as other world-renowned production studios. Post Production Praha takes part in the creation of commercials, films, music videos, documentaries and DVDs.

STUDIO VIRTUAL is a completely digital post-production sound studio. Directly in the center of Prague, it provides complex services for the recording and processing of sound for film, television, radio and theater. Seven workplaces with the ProTools HD platform fulfils the most demanding criteria for sound quality. In 1998, STUDIO VIRTUAL received a license for the final mixing for films in the Dolby SR® and later the DOLBY DIGITAL® format. In recent years, the company began to actively financially support new Czech films via the co-production of projects.

FotoVideo is an interactive hobby magazine for a wide yet predominately male demographic of the Czech and Slovak population. It covers everything regarding classic and digital photography, video, imaging, mobile and IT broadcasting. Besides high-quality and exclusive photographs, the magazine offers objective, unbiased and complex information regarding the world and market of Photo-Video. Readers can find reviews of the best the market has to offer – mainly new products and comparison tests from the field of photo-video-imaging. The magazine also covers projectors, presentations and multimedia. Added to the content are interviews with interesting personalities from the field. FotoVideo also presents the largest annual photography competition in the Czech and Slovak Republics under the name of Photograph of the Year. Since June of 2003, it has been a member of the prestigious European EISA association.

Studio IN Prague is a photography studio with the largest selection of professional flash equipment for rental in the Czech Republic. It is unique in its approach to its clients, the conception of its services within a complete and compact package, available 24 hours a day, which should always pay off for any photographer, producer or artist. The space of the studio itself is situated in the center of Prague. An entire spectrum of Profoto equipment is available, ranging from studio and battery generators, lights, reflectors and softboxes, to ring flashes and permanent lighting, stands and a line of essential accessories. Aside from lighting equipment, Studio IN Prague also rents photo cameras, Hasselblad lenses and Phase One digital backs.