Jan CÉZAR - author

Curriculum vitae

Jan Cézar was born in 1963 and graduated from a well known Gorkého university. During his varied and interesting career, he has changed professions many times. Along the way, he has been very fortunate to meet many cheerful, wise, and well-educated people who assisted him in many ways.
He began as a hand worker while during that same time, he was being taught the world’s history and literature by senior lecturers who were (for various reasons at that time) ejected from their colleges.
In between work shifts he used to sing in amateur bands until he got a professional offer from František Janeček, to whom Jan gives credit for being able to live a difficult but successful capitalistic life in very difficult socialistic situations all around him. He then began singing for the band “Kroky”, which he enjoyed very much for several years.
In later years, he tried to pick up at that path again and ended up in a variety traveling show where he performed as a front act for leading Czech entertainers, strippers, magicians and poodles. So like much of the rest his interesting and varied life, it was another extraordinary period!
From the stage with poodles Jan has managed to find his strange ways to advertisement business and it was there that he successfully continued the longest. After beginning as an advertising continuity writer, he became a strategic communicator and was successful as a campaign planner. He has worked for huge global corporations, as well as for smaller Czech companies, and even regular local businessmen.
A few years ago, Jan decided to write novels – “Králožroutky” and “Grand Kundonyon” - but he eventually realized that if one is not writing about young magicians or hobbit nations, then it really is not a profitable job, and one must do something else. Therefore, he decided to work as a professional body trainer in a fitness center - and soon decided that kind of job could be compared to a low level diploma from human nature! At the present time, Jan is a rewriter of a popular television series, “Četnické humoresky” and has also just released a text-book of Marketing Communication, with the help of the prestigious publisher, Computer Press. “EVEN A MIRACLE NEEDS PUBLICITY!”