Thomas Charles SEDIVY - businessman, racecar driver

Thomas Charles Sedivy is an American citizen born in Czechoslovakia on February 19, in 1942 in Prague. He studied to become a toolmaker and later graduated from the school of mechanical industry in Prague.

His life’s pilgrimage resembles stories usually available only in magazines. When Mr. Sedivy was twenty-two, he and his wife and their newborn son immigrated to Austria and then Australia. And after three years in the world where millions of people try to live their American dreams, but not many manage to fulfill them. The dreams of Thomas Charles Sedivy were completely fulfilled. As a successful businessman, he constructed the greatest company of its kind in the world. As a racecar driver, he experienced the taste of victory, and even today, Mr. Sedivy races the American Le Mans series. He enjoys being the pilot of his own airplane, and the captain of his two yachts on the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. Mr. Sedivy is a person who is rightfully proud of his accomplishments and lifestyle. His enthusiasm leaves one breathless.