Robert BÍLÝ - cameraman

Curriculum vitae

Robert Bílý was born on December 23, 1976 in Beroun. After successfully graduating from business academy he devoted himself to the audio visual work. In 1998, together with director Ivo Trajkov, Robert Bĺý participated in the making of a feature-length film “Minulost” (The Past) as an assistant director. A year later, Robert Bílý received an offer to work on a large documentary series “Nevyjasněná úmrtí“ (Unexplained Deaths) and “Předčasná úmrtí” (Early Deaths). From there, Robert took over the direction and came out with the film “Já se tam vrátím“ (I’ll be back), which was a portrait of the actor František Husák. Later on, Robert Bílý directed “Vladimír Menšík” - a picture that became the most watched documentary film of the year 2003.

During 2004, 2005 and 2006 Robert Bílý became a cameraman for the Czech racing team Menx (in Fia GT a European Le Mans series) and at the same time also worked for Česká televize (Czech television). In 2006 Robert Bílý worked on a full-length documentary film about the famous race “24 hours Le Mans“ as a director, cameraman and cut editor and got this same opportunity a year later while working with Charouz Škoda Racing System Lola/Judd.