the KRUCIPÜSK band

Curriculum vitae

The “Krucipüsk” band is very well known on the Czech hard-rock scene. Their fans and concert attendants are always beaten by the tremendous energy – straight from the hell – interpreted by the Beelzebub him self… We are talking about Tomáš Hajíček (the front man) and his outrageous exhibitions during the concerts.

History of the band:

  • 1991-1992: The origin of the band and publication of the "Ratata" demo.
  • 1993: Publication of the "Ratata" album by Monitor EMI
  • 1996: Publication of the "Cirkus Dneska Nebude" album in the Miloš „DODO“ Doležal’s Hacienda studio and the celebration of the album, with over 2000 people who came to support the band and celebrate the new piece.
  • 1997: Hajíček lets all the members of the group go and searches for new ones. As a result to that Aleš Makyta - guitar, Karel Adam - bass and Tomáš Marek – drums sign in to the band.
  • 1998: Publication of the "Bigada Bigada Baby" album.
  • 1999: Makyta and Marek are leaving the group. Hajíček invites a guitar man Robin Davídek to join the group and also hires a new drummer Vojta Douda.
  • 2001: Publication of the "4" album.
  • 2002: Publication of the Best of "10 Years". Davídek and Adam left the group and were recovered by René Rypar - guitar and Jarda Janek - bass.
  • 2004: Publication of the ”Druide” album.
  • 2005: The band performs at the “Pink Panter” festival, shoots a videoklip “Cesta” and again changes its team. René Rypar leaves and Jarda Gabriel – guitar takes his place.
  • 2005: And another change! Jarin Janek leaves and Maťo Ivan takes his place.
Today’s members of the band:

Tomáš Hajíček - singing
Jarda Gabriel - singing
Milan Cimfe - bass, singing
Vojta Douda - drums