Ing. Pavel DVOŘÁK - sound engineer

Curriculum vitae

Born on June 6, 1955 in Brno. From 1970 to 1974 studied sound technique at a film high school in Čimelice. After graduation, he began to work for Československá televize Praha, later Česká televize Praha (Czechoslovac television–Prague, later Czech television–Prague), as a sound assistant and later on as a sound engineer. In 1975, Pavel Dvořák was accepted at the Czech technical university of Prague, sound branch, and eventually graduated with a state examination certificate and a diploma, in 1981.

In the classical music field, he has recorded live transmissions for Česká televize (Czech television), as well as many concerts from the music festivals of “Pražské jaro”. He has also recorded sounds for many theater performances for theaters all over the Czech Republic, beginning with the National Theater, as well as various club performances.

He has also recorded the sound for Česká televize (Czech television) of the Holy celebration in 1990, directly broadcast, served by the pope Jan Pavel II.

Since 1978, Pavel Dvořák has been involved with the multimedia presentations field and worked for the Pavel Blumenfeld and Jaroslav Frič’s (PZO Art Centrum) in creative production on many foreign assignments, such as “Svět a sen Hieronyma Bosche” (The world and the dream of Hieronymus Bosch) - Berlin, “Poselství evropských řek” (The Message of European Rivers) - EXPO New Orleans, “Památník mučedníků” (The memorial stone of the martyrs) - Tunis, “Monument Akshardam” -Ahmedabad - Indie, “Videolabyrint Dentsu” (Dentsu video labyrinth) - EXPO Osaka 1990, and exposition of the Tokyo town at EXPO 1996.

In 1993, Pavel Dvořák became the author and co-founder of STUDIO VIRTUAL, (a technological project) and in 1998 became the majority owner of the studio. While leading the company as chief executive, and carrying out the director's functions for the AMP association, he was also working as a sound engineer.

A film of Pavel Dvořák’s that gained the highest award was the film “Kytice” directed by F.A. Brabec and produced by Deana Jakubisková. The film also won the “Český lev” award for the best sound of a Czech film for the year 2000, as well as a music mix that was awarded the “Český lev” for the best film music (composed by Jan Jirásek).