Petr SCHEL - sculptor, musician

Curriculum vitae

Petr Schel was born, lives and works in Cesky Budejovice. In his childhood, he dedicated himself to creative activities (drawing and ceramics – age 7), sport (ice hockey – age 8) and music (piano – age 8). After finishing primary school, he left to continue his studies in Prachatice at SPgS, focusing on the pedagogy of art. At 13 years old, he began teaching himself to play guitar. At 16, he composed his first songs and performed with his first folk band. After graduating from the school of pedagogy in Prachatice, he attended St. Anezka‘s Technical School of Art in Cesky Krumlov, in the area of rock sculpture and the restoration of rock in the atelier of academic sculptor Stanislav Zadrazil. Besides his interests in art, he continued to perform with various rock and heavy metal bands.
Finishing his studies in Cesky Krumlov, he returned to Prachatice and worked as an editor for the municipal newspaper for one year. He dedicated his free time to painting, drawing, and of course music as well, but solo. Occasionally, he received commissions for the restoration of various historical properties, mainly in Cesky Krumlov. During this time, he received an offer to work as an assistant in the atelier of sculptor Miroslav Paral in Cesky Krumlov. He worked there for two years, helping not only with the creation of several pieces, but also with various international exhibitions. During this period, he focused his free and work time on his artistic activities.
In 1997, he left for his summer home in Zveretice by Netolic, where he began working on his own sculptures. During five months under the open sky, his first collection of rock scupltures were completed.
In 1998, he presented his first exhibition of sculptures at the garden in the center of Cesky Budejovice in the Panska Street Gallery.
From this point on, his sculpture work was presented in the Czech Republic and abroad. Since the year 2000, he has cooperated with painter Miroslav Konrad. He most often exhibits in France, which he also visits for artistic sojourns and symposiums. There, he usually works with marble and free sculpting, most often for private collectors and foundations.
In the years 2002 – 2004, he returned to pedagogical activity at St. Anezka in Cesky Krumluv.
His pieces have started to be presented at galleries in both France and Germany. By the end of 2006, he had created more than 80 sculptures, placed in public and private spaces.

In 2007, he along with Miroslav Konrad are presented at the following exhibitions: January – Paris - Galerie Etienne de Causanes (Fr.), April - Mont de Marsan (Fr.) – Galerie La Minotiére, May – Dax (Fr.) – Mussé Georgette Duppouy.